Tips before going camping

Vacations are here!

Joy, desire to disconnect and enjoy as never before.

If this year you have decided to go camping, do not miss the advice we offer today to live the experience 100%.

Have you decided the type of accommodation in which you will enjoy your holiday? In the Camping Resort Els Pins we have different types, depending on your needs. You can see the types of accommodations here.

Once you’re clear on where you’re going to stay… Let’s start with the tips!

What do you have to take?

Do you already know what you need to take? The ideal is to prepare a list with everything: clothes, shoes, kitchenware, sheets, towels … It is the way in which you will avoid leaving something at home.


Depending on your plans and your idea of ​​enjoying the vacations you have, you will need one type of clothes or another. If your idea is to enjoy the facilities of the campsite, such as the swimming pool or the multi-sport courts, do not forget to take the swimsuit, comfortable clothes and, of course, the sunscreen. If you prefer to make excursions in the area, to know the environment of the campsite, good sports shoes will be your best allied. Also a cap or hat will go great, and more if you visit the area in the summer months.


Very important! If you are a true foodie, food will be more important than clothing. Some campsites have a supermarket where you can make the purchases you need. You can also bring the food with you, once you settle in the campsite, so you can enjoy your favourite foods.

Emergency first-aid kit

The emergency kit is the big forgotten one. It is very likely that you think that nothing will happen on vacation but from a simple scratch to a headache, the emergency kit will save you more than a moment.

These are the tips that we propose to enjoy a camping holiday without forgetting anything. When you have it all, you will only need one thing… Enjoy!

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